Meeri Rebane, COO & Jan Vistisen, CEO / Branding Estonia at cigar dinner in Tallinn

Branding Estonia OU is operating the world’s first exhibition center in an international airport under the name ESTONIAN EXPO CENTER

This unique and permanent trade fair is located in Tallinn Airport at Gate 3. We are showing the best of Estonian export products, but we also offer foreign companies a chance to introduce their products to the Baltic market for Only One Euro Per Hour!

The “Only One Euro Per Hour” deal includes live promotion by our professional staff, collection of valuable sales leads, distribution of leaflets and samples. The price also includes electricity and cleaning of your exhibition area. Estonian EXPO Center is open 15 hours a day 7 days a week!  So if you are serious about branding and selling your products to over 1,8 million passengers per year, then we are here to help you.

Why can we be so cheap? Because we have rented a big area and divided it into 150 small, medium and large exhibition boxes! We also offer wall, ceiling and floor space for larger objects – Airport advertising made affordable is our motto!

Why it works? Because not only are we located at the most prestigious location in the Baltics, we are able to stop 90% of all business travelers and interview them about their activities in this region. We have hundreds of meetings with CEO’s in our exhibition every month without ever calling them. CEO’s from around the world have 30 minutes to spend waiting for their flight. Nobody else but us has that kind of business screening system in place anywhere in the world! In the first year of operation we have collected more than 9000 business cards and sent these new sales leads for free to our exhibitors. The data we collect from all these meetings is what will drive business in the Baltics. That’s why it works and that’s why you will sell more!

Your exhibition can be ready and running in less than 72 hours from DHL or FedEx are picking up the products and advertising material from your company anywhere in the world!

How much are you spending on marketing trying to find export-partners? To get the best location and full promotion staff for € 1 per hour  contact us today

Like to know more? just call us directly by using your local number below:

USA 302 250 4600

U.K. 020 3287 0400

Denmark 3696 7400

Sweden 021 490 5200

Hong Kong 8120 7500

Or from the rest of the world +372 712 2400

You can also skype us at “Branding Estonia”

and email us here:


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